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Selinrail International Trading: Abaca fiber exporter

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Our Products
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How it looks like???

Abaca fibers tied together
A bunch of abaca fibers tightly tied together.
price available upon request


A closer look...
These abaca fibers are being used for rope making, fabric making and other handy foushold materials like doormats.  The stem of the abaca tree can also be used in different ways, like in furnitures.  pls see picture above
price available upon request


Also for furnitures
Aside from providing you with abaca fibers as shown on the left side.  We can also provide you with products that are derived from abaca tree as a whole. Above is a barstool which was created using phillippine rattan and abaca "bacbac" or the bark of abaca tree as the weaving-- going natural....  By clicking the picture you can access the link to our other website showing some of our other products.

Selinrail International: 152 Sta. Catalina St. SAV-1, Pque, Philippines:
063-2-825-88-34/063-2-820-46-47, Los Angeles US number 213-943-0232